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chibi_5's Journal

6 October 1988
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Hi all! :3

Figured I would update my LJ profile ^-^.

I'm Jessica! I LOVE drawing!! been drawing for many many years!! I also love to dabble in different art forms, ceramics, glass, sewing, painting, digital, watercolor, figure drawing, cartooning, animation, illustration, and of course my most fav, customizing dolls!! XD My dream: to work at the disney animation studios ^-^ <3333333

My all time favs are the little mermaid and sailor moon. Been in love with the little mermaid since I was 2 and been a fan of sailor moon since I was in the 4th grade!!
ariel & princess serenity Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucketthe little mermaid Pictures, Images and Photos

Also, I am a doll collector but not just any doll collector. I Only collect animated character dolls. which means any dolls based on characters from 2-d animation movies and possibly 3-d movies. Ive been collecting since I was 3 and to this day I still collect!!! I hope to one day open up a museum dedicated to my collection :D (follow the link to my DA pages for more photos)

Around the room 1 by ~JCproductions on deviantART

So there you have it! Feel free to message me anytime about anything! I'm all ears :D